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Working as a front line workers for over 20 years, I had this design created a few years ago but really wasn't sure where I wanted to go with it.

Well - I know now. I am a Lionheart, and I know many others who are, too.  Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, Nurses, Doctors, Lab Techs, PCAs, Military, trauma surivors and members of suppressed or oppressed communities.

Some of us wear uniforms, some of us wear visible scars and some wear invisible scars.  But we keep on going - forging ahead, showing grit and determination, fear but courage - we are Lionhearts.

This brand is for us Lionhearts.  Determined to carry on regardless of what is thrown in our way.

What makes Lionheart Clothing Co different?

We are focused on mental health for the Lionhearts and are proud to give 10% of profits to charitable mental health organizations.

Do we buy local? We strive to have apparel that is made in the Canada, but it absolutely is designed and decorated in Canada!

How do we make a global impact?

Items shipped from Fall River, NS use compostable mailers we and look for cardboard boxes that use recycled paper.  We also re-use cardboard boxes to cut down on waste.


As Lionheart grows, so will our community support - help us make a difference!

Show your Human Pride with Lionheart apparel! ♥